Copper Tape for Power Cable

Copper Tape ETP

Copper Tape, made of electrolytic annealed copper, E -Cu ETP quality, is on bare state without any surface protection. The surface would be clean, smooth and with no chipped edges, gaps, wrinkles, scratches, encrustations, surges, folds, roughness or any other imperfections that might prejudice the quality of the material. There would be no welding in the supplied tape. Presently we have the following delivery formats:

Thickness Range 0 .025mm to 0.20mm, to lerances as per customer ’s requirement
Width Range 10mm to 425mm (Slit widths are tailored as per customer’s requirement)
Coil Weight/mm width 1.5 Kg per mm width up to 50 Kgs per Pad
Core Inner Diameter 3 ” to 14” (75 mm to 40 6mm)
Temper Soft to Extra Hard as per Customer’s Requirement.
Elongation As per Specification of the Customers
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